Last summer, my sister and I visited the Oatlands Plantation (better known as Oatlands Historic House and Gardens) out in Leesburg, VA. We went on one hot summer afternoon while I was about 31 weeks pregnant. I figured I’d take the opportunity to get some of my own maternity shots in with the "big" kids while I was still (relatively) comfortable walking around and such. Little did I know how disheveled the kids and I would look by the end of the shoot...

Let me tell you--trying to get some nice photos of your kids is already tough in itself. But trying to get them to cooperate with you while in extremely humid weather AND attempting to look good in photos is another story! Despite the circumstances, it was still an enjoyable day exploring all of their beautiful gardens and the historic mansion. The greenery surrounding the property was also equally incredible. The weeping willows lining the driveway were huge and even more lovely in person! Since the plantation was slightly on an incline, you can see hills that seemed like they went on for miles. Oatlands also had a gorgeous greenhouse where we decided to take some photos. You probably can’t tell, but the inside of the greenhouse was VERY hot (no surprise there). We did get some of the best shots in there though!

When spring decides to make its appearance again (be gone, cold!) and the greenery grows back, the kids and I will definitely make a trip back there and explore some more.